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The world is changing. The way we work together and conduct business must also change. In twelve essays written by people who work in the trenches, building business, coaching leaders and shaping the future, you will learn about:

  • Beyond Budgeting–Changing the way the organization is managed from command and control to an empowered, adaptive and agile model
  • Radical Management–Rethink the fundamental assumptions about management
  • Strategic Navigation–Use OODA Loops and the ancient Chinese 36 Stratagems to outthink the competition
  • Lean–Do more with LESS! resources
  • Agile–working software, no pain
  • Systems Thinking–An easier, better way to think about organizations
  • Complexity Thinking–Radical insights about organizations and management coming from the complexity sciences

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More about LESS!

Foreword by John Hagel III

The LESS! authors

Dan Bergh Johnsson

Bjarte Bogsnes

Peter Bunce

Steve Denning

Ola Ellnestam

Håkan Forss

Brian Hawkes

Maarit Laanti

Henrik Mårtensson

Karl Scotland

Ari-Pekka Skarp

James Sutton

LESS! Hardcover edition

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153 pages

Full color illustrations

Large typeface for easy reading.

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